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Today is a great day i went to a butcher shop to buy meat and chicken. They sell it in what they call the variety pack. And yes i went in barefoot they had no signs up saying no bare feet. And so i walk in barefoot and the place was packed with people. They do have a sandwich shop also and so i went on and got someone to help me so as i was telling him what package i would she look down and said wow you're barefoot i said yes is that a problem ? She said no and she said i like your anklet and toe ring. I said thanks she also said it must be nice to go everywhere barefoot? I said yes it is I'm a full time barefooter and that means also in the winter i do not wear sock or shoes i go barefoot in the snow She said it will bea few minutes i said ok sat down at a table and waited. About ten minutes it was done and she had the box of meat on a cart and she followed me to my truck . She ask a lot of questions and she said i bet your feet are dirty i said no they are black . She ask if she could see the bottoms i said ok i showed her the bottoms she said wow i like that . She said that she goes barefoot as much as she can she love being barefoot and driving barefoot. She ask for my number so i gave it to her . She wants to talk more about going barefoot in public. So i hope she calls it would be nice to have someone else to go barefoot with. And to go places with someone that loves to be barefoot as much as i do. I will tell you what it goes if she calls. Everybody keep barefooting.
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