Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 167 and Ruby..and one of her brothers..
who joined us at Guwahati..took that bus..
towards the hilly station Shillong..a true experience...
it's an incredible has not 1 stretch of straight road..
it's one curve from outskirts Guwahati to Shillong..
would be great on a motorbike...woohh..
Shillong is the capital of the Meghalaya State..
in North East India..Shillong is a hill station(1496m)
often called Scotland of the East..I've been there
a few times..local tribal people are the Khasis..
mostly Catholic..and matrilineal system there...
that and wealth goes on through
the female line..great people though..
Shillong has got no cycle steep roads
around Shillong great scenery to be seen..
Ward Lake..Crinoline Falls..Shillong Peak etc..
visit Bara Bazar(Shillong)for local Khasi jewelry..
you will see Khasi women there in typical dress..
Cherrapunji is know to be the place with the heaviest
rainfall in the world..actually it's now a place near to
Cherrapunji..with a very difficult name=Mawsynram..
oh...and in Shillong..I stayed at Ruby's aunts place..
in the bazar..I took *tamul paan*smells horrible..
they warned'll get high...oh...well??
crazy tiger

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