Self-Sufficiency In The Wilderness

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For a Modern both what is called 'civilization' and what is called 'nature' is simply artificiality. Any difference is negligible concerning the way they use and perceive the two environments. For the more noble what the Moderns call 'civilization' is the most desolate hostile form of wilderness they can encounter. While 'nature' is generally a temporary place of relaxation. - Certainly, some of the remaining unsettled areas of the earth are about equally hostile as any 'civilization', but relatively very few people, Moderns or not, have anything to do with them.

A man thinks he's self-sufficient when he enables himself to survive in these less developed parts of the world. He practices where safety is always a helicopter away, and then maybe actually tests himself where they're not. But, he's not really self-sufficient. Being that natural environments are continually being encroached upon by artificiality, what he has accomplished, is the ability to live in a temporary sanctuary. Which is not a useless accomplishment, but even if he can live his whole life their and raise a family there, his children will be inept when the sanctuary is encroached upon.

To be more self-sufficient, to be a 'wild-man', as one may call it, is to be one who can best survive in the most common/imposing environments he and his children will have to face. These jungles are the worst kind. Not where the worst one can expect is death. These jungle prefers a slow, live form of consumption.
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