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Schadenfreude noun

Pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.

It seems like a counter-intuitive behavior. What rational person would admit to having such an un-xTian type of feeling? Yet, the word exists. Of course, the word is used in its original German and isn't translated. The word comes to mind when I think of Roseanne. I never liked her and I never watched ANY of her shows. My not watching her shows was a personal protest against vulgarism. Early on, I considered her to be a pig (and no, not because of the way she looks or speaks).
There have been other programs on television throughout the years that many people have loved, but that I have opted to shy from; Sopranos, Cybil, Will & Grace. I don't like television that promotes violence, has drunks or pill poppers who are wealthy, or that romanticizes criminal families. I do, however, make one exception to my list of things that I normally don't like in television content. That shoe is The Waltons. The reason it should have been on my banned list is the fact that it takes place during the Great Depression. The family was strong and very together.
The Roseanne debacle is of her own making. If she knew that she had the potential to be so out of control, she should have had editors to cover for her. I only feel sorry for the collateral damage that she has caused; the fact that other actors lost out on a program in which they were assigned work. Guess that will teach them a life lesson of what happens when you sign up with a loose cannon.
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