Rough night

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So there I was last evening lounging in my recliner chair, watching television and, it being a beautifully calm and warmish evening I had the balcony door wide open. Unbeknown to me, one of my delightful neighbours having done quite a bit of pruning in his garden, now determines that in order to get rid of the cuttings, he will light a bonfire. Clouds of smoke blew across the gardens and some of it came into my lounge. This triggered an immediate asthma attack and I started coughing uncontrollably. After several attempts at using my inhaler, I realised that they were not powerful enough to deal with this attack and so I sought advice from NHS 111. The man I spoke to (actually wheezed at) sent for an ambulance, despite my saying that they were needed for more important things. The Paramedics duly arrived and whilst one asked questions and filled in various forms, t'other took blood pressure and tested my heart and rigged up a nebulizer for me with a face mask. The nebulizer worked very well and it calmed my breathing.It came close to getting a ride in a 'yellow peril' (ambulance) to A&E. The rest of the evening and throughout the night I coughed and spluttered. Am now sat back in my chair again with a very sore chest and lungs.
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