Rimini- Ancona-Bari(Italy)

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So..finally after a visit to San Marino..goodbye to Rimini as well..
hitch hiking out of Rimini towards Ancona...was difficult..
I stood for 2 hours before I got my first ride..reached Ancona..
I must say..the Adriatic coastline is a marvelous sight anyway..
from Ancona...again hours of waiting...reached finally Pescara..
slept somewhere in an abandoned building in the outskirts..
next day..was aiming for Brindisi..but..as expected..
hitch hiking was real shit..did only manage the town of Bari..
they told me in Venezia...watch out in Bari..
it's got a reputation like Napoli..pickpockets??
Bari was a ferry departure point for Yougoslavian towns..
like Dubrovnik etc..these days..it was still under Tito..
I loved Yougoslavia when it was united..now..it's split up..
by war..I thought for a while..taking a ferry to Dubrovnik..
but I had set my mind up on visiting the island of Corfoe..
so...I had to go down to Brindisi..to take that ferry..
will tell you peeps later on...aww..Greek islands...
please..do me a favor..if you ever go to Greece..
visit at least one of the islands...it's fantastic..
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