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This town is quite interesting..surrounded by water..
the harbour looked quite nice..the typical Scandinavian houses..
a landmark for Reykjavik is the Hallgrimskirkja=it's a very strange
architectural style..we did not go inside..Iceland got lots of musea
as well..again..we didn't do any..lack of time,you know..
we mostly strolled around in Reykjavik's streets..
shops,bars,restaurants wife was always a window shopper..
I couldn't afford most of the stuff..Iceland got a very high standard
of living..everything was costly over there..a beer costed double..
then the price we payed in Belgium..we saw these youngsters hanging
around some square..stoned out of their ass..if you bother these folks..
you can expect some trouble..alcoholism=a big problem in Scandinavia..
I recall Finland..aww..happy memories..from long bygone days..uhuh..
we went into the tourist ofice...and booked ourselves a sightseeing tour
scheduled for next the our hotel..there was a party
going on..and many Icelanders got a bit above their teawater..
funny dude..seemed to fall in love with my wife even..
he came to us in the lounge..and handed a small paper to my wife..
with his telephone number and even his room number on it..
ahah..up till wife got very amused..I tease her with it...
in Iceland..folks are very white and fair skinned..they like dark skin??
anyway..this dude..didn't stand a chance..he was just drunk..that's all..
Icelanders have from these very funny names..mostly ending in *sonn*
Gunnarson..Icelandic names..are made up from the Dad's first name..
with son or daughter added to know Bj?rk=famous singer..
her name is Gudmunsdottir=daughter of Gudmundur=her Mom..
if she would have a brother..he would be Gudmunsson etc...
the not easy to understand at all..I spoke it once...
with a hot potato in my mouth..ahah...but..Icelanders..
are mostly educated...and English is no problem at all.. most Scandinavians..seem bit cold or distant...
but hey..wait until the ice is broken...very social folks..
I always was very keen on Scandinavia..I had a crush once..
towards a Norvegian chick..oh well..I remember the early 70's..
the currency in Iceland was the krona..divided into 100 aurar..
they flew out of my pocket..brrr..expensive place..
will report about the sightseeing tour in next posting..
crazy Tiger...

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