reaching New Delhi??

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so..suppose you booked a flight to New Delhi..
arrival in India..when they open that airplane door..
you will feel the hot's the climate,you know..
most flights towards Delhi have one disadvantage..
they arrive in the middle of the my opinion..
best bet is that you book a hotel from your own country..
that way this hotel will send you a driver who picks you up
at the airport...listen..reaching Delhi airport can be a big
confusion..the crowds..touts..anything..first you'll go through
the customs and passport'll get an entry stamp..
then change some money..there are banks in the arrival hall..
I bet they are always can get a prepaid taxi ride..
you give your destination..hotel A or Z..
the boot will make you a go out of the airport..
and pick a cab..they will cash their money with that ticket..
give them that ticket ONLY on reaching your destination in Delhi..
watch out for scams..these taxi's are usually 2 guys..
not very safe in the middle of the night..sometimes they will try
to get extra money..all kind of things they will invent..
road blocked..detours..hotel my honest opinion..
stay at the arrival hall until it's light..unless..someone reliable..
from a hotel booked in advance..picks you up..
by their own all know these folks standing at the
arrival halls of airport with a mr.Z..
so..suppose you reach into your hotel..
have a good breakfast..get your jetlag bit out of your system..
ready to attack New Delhi???first thing I should recommend..
go to the official Indian tourist office..ask a map of Delhi(free)
adress=Janpath monday to friday between 09 a.m..
to 6 p.m..very friendly and helpfull staff..ask them anything..
on saturdays open from to 2 p.m. closed on sundays..
their website should be or another
one they can also book accomodation..
but in my opinion not the budget ones??so..then..
just make a stroll along's close to Connaught Place..
on Janpath you will find a Tibetan market with lots of little stalls..
if you wanna have a cup of tea in style..go to Imperial hotel..
on Janpath.. website it's not a place
to stay for budget accomodation..I had a cup of tea there once..
it's'll sniff the luxury of the British Raj..
believe will be AMAZED of some luxury hotels in India...
I'll give more info on Delhi in next posting...
crazy Tiger
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