reached home..and some bad news...

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Next day..I crossed the German-Dutch border at Denekamp...
Dutch is my mother picked up by some youngsters..
who drove towards Arnhem..all the way in 1 go..great..
Arnhem towards Nijmegen-Eindhoven was a piece of cake..
from Eindhoven it's about my village..via Valkenswaard..
reached home in the brother returned from work..
he told me the sad grandfather had died 1 week earlier..
nobody knew where I was they could not send a message..
my grandfather reached the blessed age of 91 years..
he died of natural causes..just old day..went to pay..
my honours at his grave..he was a nice fellow...a real joker..
now..he was no more..I felt bit sad really..
i had to find some work to get money for my Africa trip..
it turned out..that a friend of my Dad wanted his house painted..
outer walls..doors..the whole thing..lots of work..and cash..
these had to be was work in the black..
if they caught me with meant a fine..damn system..uhuh??
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