Rain day

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Hi everybody today it has been raining and i have been out in the rain barefoot. I went to the store barefoot and people where looking at me if i was crazy . It has been raining heavy and i wore a light jacket and in my bare feet . the rain felt so good on my bare feet i love walking in puddles of rain water. And at least my friend that was with he is never embarrassed that I'm barefoot he thinks it's great that i go barefoot and that i don't care how people look at me. And i don't care how people look at my that I'm barefoot. And i like when people ask me why I'm barefoot i like to tell them why. Like today at the store a lady ask me why I'm barefoot in the rain i said will if i had flip/flops on my feet would still get wet and i might slide on the floor but in bare feet i have more control on thr floor under my bare feet. And the lady said she goes barefoot at her house and out in her yard . But she has never been barefoot at a store or even in the car . So i said will try driving home barefoot. And as soon as i said she took off her sandals and walk out of the store with me and she ask i don't like my feet dirty i said just remember you just wash them. And she said yes your right and she said that it does feel good walking barefoot i said then you will love driving barefoot. She said wow thanks for giving me some confidence to go barefoot i said no problem have fun i she left and i went to go to Lowe's to get some things i need and nobody said anything but boy i got some weird looks but I'm so use to it i don't care i got what i need and came home and as i started working on my project the rain slow down theniit stared rain again but even harder and i had to stop but i love walking and working in the rain in my bare feet. Everybody keep barefooting
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