Penny-wise and Pound A**hole

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"Pound a**hole?" My, my, my... doesn't that sound vulgar!!? I've been inundated by the actions and stupidity of friends and those who touch them. I think so often of those people who could use a little simple guidance so that they don't go completely down the sh*tter after a crap shoot. Yet, they choose to make their own choices and suffer the consequences of ill-thought-out plans.
Now is without a doubt one of the worst times to sell a house. Folks are having a hard time getting mortgages and there are so many foreclosures on the market that the banks will probably be giving property away. Yet, friends of mine have a home in California that is paid for and they are determined to sell it and move to Arizona. Both these people are on disability. They poured in over $100k into this home (their ancestral home) to update it with modern features. l doubt it will be snatched up.
I suggested that they take this as a sign/symbol to stay. The response? "That so isn't going to happen!"
I guess I should also say that I have no great love for the state of Arizona.
Another friend of mine recently broke up from a six year relationship. He recalled moments when pans and pots and dishes flew across the room and smashed into walls or shattered on the floor. Police were called. "But I love him!" All I could do was think to myself, "Ugh! What the f**k do you know about love?" "Love is never having to throw Corningware."
Much as I love making journal entries, I am nonetheless painfully aware of the fact that there are lapses in between. Guess I don't want to write when I'm too overloaded.
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