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So..we rented 3 bicycles..and set off after breakfast..
it's fun to cycle around Katmandu..we reached Patan..
locked our bikes..and went exploring this temple town..
they told us more then 50 temples in this place..
that's a lot..we went to Durbar's amazing..
to see the could they ever built all this??
there are Shiva and Krishna dedicated places..
some souvenir shops with nice Nepali art like Buddha statues,
thangka's=Tibetan religious paintings,local handicrafts etc..
we wandered around about a few hours in this place..
cycled back to Katmandu town..damn..cycling gave us a healthy
feeling..we went further on to have a glimpse at Pashupatinath..
it's along the Bagmati river and known for cremation *ghats*
one finds the Shiva temple..the sadhu's..looked bit like the Nepali
Varanasi to me..typical Hindu religiuous feelings..
will see if I can get a link for Patan...or Pashupatinath..
next day we planned a bus excursion to view Mount Everest..
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