Paris in 1 day..uhuh..??

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Paris in 1 day..forget about my uncle payed us this trip..
bus from Antwerp(Belgium)shortest way via Mons-Maubeuge-Soissons..
in these days..bus daytrips were quite popular..getting into Paris...
you feel the hectic life..the traffic on the p?riph?rique(ringroad)
the classical sights were done..Eiffel tower...Champ's Elysees..
Notre Dame..Montmartre..Arc de was a guided tour..
with a Belgian guide explaining the sights..not bad really..
in between they stop for food as this flew away..
in my eyes it's rubbish to do this..I wouldn't spend my money on it..
Paris needs 1 or 2 weeks or even explore..
I was in Paris for few weeks early 70's..I know what Paris is about..
I'll find a link..about this huge's really huge..
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