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So..up to Kabul..via Peshawar..
Peshawar..close to the border of Afghanistan..
the local Pasthun gun shops..
everybody carries a gun..a knife??did not feel at ease??
worser then Baluchi's..don't mess up with Pasthuns
visa Afganistan took 1 full day....the old city+bazar..
looked like any bazar in Pakistan..crowded..noisy..
one could see already some full burqua women here..
from top to toes hidden..small grilled mask for the eyes..
i can't remember where i stayed here..small hotel,I guess..
we set off by bus to Khyber pass next was december..
bloody cold as well..reached Jamrud fort..and Torkham..
border Afghanistan..these days..Afghanistan was still O.K..
no mujahedin..border passport control took a while..
I met an Afghani guy..travelling with a very funny Japanese chick..
they gave me a ride to Jalalabad..and Kabul..funny folks..
stoned on hasj..Kabul..was cold..but still..really different..
looked like the middle ages..lots of women in veil..Kabuli's in dhoti's
with strange beards,very nice bazar..stayed in cheap hotel..
Afghanistan..has been the most cheap country I ever visited..
in these days..these Afghani sheep coats were bought by hippies..
for a soft price...and then resold either in Istanbul or Europe..
I did not buy one...needed my money for the trip back home..
from Kabul one must travel to reach the Irani border..
I was lucky..I met a South African fellow with his Swedish girl friend..
they offered me a lift up to Tehran for free..I think they liked company..
Gunilla was a nice chick..she had set off with her Swedish boy friend towards day...they were picked up by a Turkish trucker..
offered them raki...result..Gunilla was raped..really horrible story
the fellow left back for home..Gunilla met a South African...and travelled on with these days..the mentality was like that..
so..we set off in this van towards Kandahar..on a cold december morning..
I'll tell the rest later on...Tiger

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