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Hi all today was a day that was strange. I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things it was not to cold but a lot of fog and sprinkles of rain. As i parked my truck and was walking through the automatic doors . And yes barefoot like always this guy was just looking at me. But i thought he was looking at my dirty bare feet the bottoms where black the way they should be for someone like ne that is barefoot 24/7 all year. As i shopped and got what i needed i notice he was following me . So i started to get ready to check out and i notice he was barefoot also now i was not to suspicious about him . I keept thinking that i know him but from where. So i also notice that his bare feet where black from walking barefoot. So as i check out and paid for my things i notice he was gone . So as i started to head where i parked and as i was putting my stuff away i could see from the shadow on the window someone where coming up on my right side . I looked down and i could see someone bare feet. As i quickly looked the same guy that was following me was right there by my side. I ask if i could help him and he ask me if my name was rick and he ask me if i remember him. I said i have seen you somewhere else. He said yes I'm a friend of your friend Mike i said oh hey he said that once we all went camping and i asked mike if you are all was barefoot and mike said yes rick is always barefoot all year around. I said sorry i can't remember your name he said troy now everybody calls him barefoot troy . He said that he was so excited to see that there's someone else that likes to be barefoot all the time. I said yes you and i where the only one's to camp and hike barefoot the hole time out camping . Troy said that i showed him that going barefoot everywhere even camp and hunting it fun and it's even more exciting if you have someone else to go barefoot with. I ask what is he doing now and if he lives by here. Troy said he just moved here 2 weeks ago and he has seen me at this Wal-Mart and troy said that besides him being barefoot at Wal-Mart at this time of the year. He knew if i shopped her i would be barefoot also . So i ask if he needed anything and he said that he always wanted to ask me if he could go with me sometime and do things barefoot with me. I said sure it's easier to go places barefoot but it's more fun with someone that loves doing things barefoot also. So we went to a place where i walk barefoot all the time . So we had fun walking around barefoot on this trail and seeing how other's would be when they saw us barefoot and the temperature is in the low 30s. It was fun and we even had some people stop and ask us why are we barefoot and if we needed help. We said we are barefooters we don't wear shoes or socks it our lifestyle and being barefoot is healthier than wearing shoes. We even had one guy ask if we where a couple? We said no just friends. The guy ask if we would think about going out with me troy said he would think about it and troy gotthe guy number. I said no not right now maybe next week the guy said ok and that hhe has seen me walk down here in my bare feet and he told me i have every nice toes for a guy and he would love to lick my bare feet clean. I said maybe we can meet next week? And troy said to the guy today I'm going to lick his bare feet clean . So as we started back to where i parked the truck before the trail i ask troy so why did you say you where going to lick my bare feet clean troy answered that he would love to lick my bare feet he wanted to ask the first time we saw each other and that I'm like him .he loves to be barefoot all the time and he wanted to ask me but he didn't want to be so forward. I said but you're asking now and if you want you can suck my toes and he did it felt great. Will everybody keep barefooting
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