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Ooty..was a wonderful hill station..cooling in the summer heat..
it's in the Nilgiri hills..it reminded me of England in a way..
cottages..winding roads...flowers..only difference..tea estates..
and hill tribes..like the Toda tribals..very intersting dress+jewelry..
they are very crazy about *gaur*=Indian buffalo..
the usual touristical attractions here are boat riding,horse trekking,
walking tours..and of course that Blue mountain miniature trainride..
I was gonna do that day 2..let me tell you all about day 1..
I stayed at the youth hostel..which was cheap..and confortable..
Ooty is always full of tourists..from all over India..it's cooling..
but also a popular honeymoon destination for Indian couples..
hotel names with dazzling names like lakeview,garden view etc...
tourism,you know??I just strolled around Ooty town..nice walk..
it was sunny even..nice flower market..there was a botanical garden
as well..but I did not visit..the day went by fast enough..
Ooty got a nice lake as well...I took information in the tourist office..
about that trainride to Mettupalayam..I changed my mind..
instead of 2 nights Ooty..1 night..was gonna travell to Coimbatore..
train connection from Mettupalayam..it would have been stupid..
to make that ride twice..I was able to arrange my 2 nights..
youth hostel..into 1 night..they understood why as well..
so..I will tell you peeps about that famous trainride..spectacular..
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