Once In A Life Time

Published by Mallory Darling in the blog Mallory Darling's Blog. Views: 1126

You only get to be one person, one life, one world, one time! Spread the word of happiness because you're once in a lifetime starts and ends if you're ready or not. There is NO key to happiness, BUT there is also NO lock!!!!! I have a problem where I fall in love with just about everyone I meet. And I could fall in love anyone or anything. Boy, girl, tall, short, funny, annoying, happy, sad, age wise, kid at heart, adult responsibilities, dogs, cats, stuffed animals, flowers, clouds, the world. I can love almost everyone I meet and if that's not amazing I'm not sure what is. We are all capable of being the monsters that scare us. We choose our reality. Be known for being nice. Being friends with everyone is fucking awesome. And those you don't get along with you look through their eyes understand. Reconnect with love and express it with the species of the universe.
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