on the way to T?touan(Morocco)

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So..ferry Alg?ciras-Ceuta(Sebta)took about 40 minutes,I guess??
in fact this ferry reaches Frideq=few kms..from Ceuta..
all these ferry ports looked the same to me..busy with coming
and going from passengers,vehicles..I took a shared taxi to the
Morroco border..big shit there..one border official..said to me...
your hair is too long..only if you cut it..you can cross..
what kind of bullshit talk..obviously if I had showed some heavy
Morroco Dirhams banknotes..I could have crossed as well...
so..I was sent back to Ceuta..someone told me there...
try to cross as a bus passenger..it might work..so..I took a bus
ticket...but same scenario..could not cross into Morroco..
corruption was well practised..even in 1970's...
so bye bye..Morocco..went back by ferry to Alg?ciras....
and booked myself a bus ticket to Cadiz..I was gonna take a boat
from there direction Las Palmas(Gran Canaria)
I had heard there was only 1 crossing every week..
if I got lucky..I should be able..to move out soon??
to get a ticket..I was thinking that could be a problem..
will tell more later on..Tiger
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