Oil change

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Today i went to the chevy dealer to get my oil changed and yes i was barefoot abd some of the people that work there know me. There's a couple of people that work there that go barefoot when they are not working . And so i dropped it off and went to sit in the waiting room and this guy comes in and i notice he was looking at my bare feet. And i don't mind when people look at my bare feet. So i was waiting for the guy to say something but he didn't. He keeped looking at my bare feet and he would smile at me . I just sat there waiting and i was wearing my toe ring and my anklet . And the bottoms of my bare feet are really black and as i was waiting the guy came up ask if he could sit in the chair next to me. I said yes nobody is sitting here. He sat down and just look at my bare feet and he finally said i like your bare feet and i like your toe ring. I said thanks he asked if I'm always barefoot i said yes all year around. He said even in the snow i said yes .He ask even your toe ring and anklet i said yes. And he said that i have nice looking bare feet for a guy i said thank you . He said he has a feet fetish and he has never thought that a guy could have nices looking bare feet. Moat guy feet look bad . I told him i take care of mine and i have to because when i go anywhere people always look at my bare feet first then they look at my face. Then he ask if i would let him rud my bare feet and suck my toes ? I said right here he said if you want me to. I said not here then the guy comes in and said my truck is done i said ok . they guy said do you still want to let me rud and suck your toes i said that i know a place where he could. He said ok then they said his car was done . i said if you want to follow me and he did and he rud me bare feet and suck my toes and my bare feet where really black from walking barefoot everywhere but he sucked my toes. It was the first time someone suck my toes and then he ask if i was bisexual i said yes and he said if he could suck my cock i said ok it been a long time i had someone suck my cock. And he did until i came in his mouth and he eat every drop what a day he said thanks for letting him sucking my toes and cock i said thank you he gave me his number and he wants to do it again tonight but he wants more i said I'm good with that it's been along time that i had any fun sex with anybody he ask i said 5 years he said you are over do i said yes i am he got in his car i put my cock away and that's it for now everybody keep barefooting.
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