ohhh..finally India...

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So..Lahore goodbye..Taxi to Wagah border...now this border crossing
is something to remember..Pakistani side is called Attari,I believe??
Indian side is called Wagah..in between every morning a whole ceremony..
by Pakistani/Indian border patrol..well..well..changing of the guards??
I believe my friend Spacer(Ireland)got some pics of that..Spacer..HELP
India/Pakistan are playing cat/mouse games for decades..finally if you put
a Punjabi from Lahore..next to a Punjabi from Amritsar..they look bloody the
same..wooh..why this hate??long story..which I'm not going to tell here
border crossing through this border was a real hassle for me..it took me 2 hours to walk trough both borders..bureaucratic behaviour??my ass..
It was a relief for me to reach India..Amritsar..now..about Amritsar..
I can write some pages..Punjab..golden Temple..you all should SEE it..
The Sikh religion..well..very good..they are NOT allowed to cut their hair
woooh???hippies??they follow the 5 k's..I'll explain in a link below..
just have a look at these links first..
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