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Next day..I hitched a ride to Nynashamn..where Gunilla lived..
it's bit south of Stockholm..provincial town..nice harbour..
found the house of Gunilla..it was so nice to see her back..
I met her in Afghanistan..real nice chick..very outgoing..
her mother was a very nice lady..her dad..was a religious freak..
I stayed 3 days in Gunilla's home..they had a boat...and we made
a boat trip around Nynashamn one day..it was very refreshing..
Gunilla's mother was not a happy woman..Swedes are usually closed
of character..but if you make good friends with them..
they are friends for life..she told me that her husband was constantly
looking down on her as a sinner against religious rules..stupid fellow..
this house..was all in Swedish style..lots of wooden architecture..
really enjoyed my stay over there..if you ever have the chance..
just stay a few days with a Swedish family...I can recommend it..
I was gonna go back to Stockholm..and take the ferry crossing..
towards Turku(Finland)and then maybe Helsinki town as well..
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