Norvegian fjord scenery...

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Hitched a ride from Al to Geilo..this place is a ski station
in wintertime...and is very famous for knives..bit after Geilo
fantastic scenery towards Eidfjord-Brimnes..ferry to Granvin..
then to Vossevangen..loveley town..stayed in youth hostel..
next day...real fjord scenery..fantastic views..small roads..
Vossevangen-Gudvangen..then lovely boat crossing to Flam..
Flam is very touristic..because of Flamsbanen to Myrdal..
it's a narrow gauge train traject..didn't do that...well..I did it..
in wife loved Norway...but this time..went to Aurland..
lovely fjord(Aurlandfjord)hitched a difficult ride to Laerdal-Fagernes-
Dokka-Gj?vik...stayed in youth hostel..very nice route..
I'll try to get a link for Flam..real worthwhile place to visit...

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