Nice day to be barefoot

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Hi everybody today was a nice day it snowed here where i live and i had to use my snow blower. And yes i was barefoot the hole time out here . It snowed about 8 inches and i had some of my neighbor's at if i was barefoot and i said yes and showed them my bare feet. They where just a little red just turn a little red . So after that i had to go to Wal-Mart to get some salt for the sidewalks. So the main streets where bad . The snow plows haven't plowed the streets yet. But i just put my truck in 4×4 and was just fine. I got to Wal-Mart and parked and i notice a truck there it was a guy that lives down the streets from me . So i walked in wal mart to where they keep the salt but on the way there people where looking at me like i was crazy for being barefoot. But the employees know me and they said hi barefoot Rick i said hi back and as i was loading the salt . I saw the guy that lives down the street from me . I really never talked to him and when i would be outside doing yard work he would drive by slow and just look at me working in the yard barefoot. But as i was loading the salt he came up to me and ask if my bare feet are cold and if they bottoms where black. I said hi and i said no they're not cold and they might be a little black. He said his name was troy and he always wanted to talk to be but he did know how to start talking to me . Troy always saw me barefoot in my yard and i couple of times in wal mart shopping. And when i would see him he was barefoot in his yard but in the store he would have flip/flops on. So i aske him if he was a barefooter too he said yes but not like me a full time barefooter. So we talked and he ask if he could talk more about going barefoot and how i got in to going barefoot and where else in go barefoot. So after i paid for they salt and i got home i was salting the sidewalks and the walk way up to my house. I saw troy walking up to my driveway he said hi i said come on up to the door and i notice he was wearing some slip on shoes . I told him to come in to my house and he said wow i can't believe you are still barefoot and you can walk on the salted sidewalks and driveway and the salt doesn't hurt. I told him no and it really doesn't. He ask if he could take off his shoe i said yes and he was barefoot. And i notice he wearing a toes ring and his toes had a dark red polish it looked good on his toes .So we talk about when he started to go barefoot and when i stared too go barefoot too. He couldn't believe i have been going barefoot for over 25years. Troy has been going barefoot for3 year when he isn't work he was to go barefoot in store, fast food restaurant and at the movies but nobody will do that with him his friends tell him guy's don't go barefoot everywhere only women and only women wear toe ring and paint there toes. I said not men go barefoot too and they also wear toe ring and some paint there toes. I told him i even go barefoot camping , fishing and riding my side by side and my four wheelers barefoot and i drive barefoot all the time. Troy ask if he could go with me barefoot when i go to the store's and other places barefoot i said yes it's easier to go barefoot with someone else that's goes barefoot to so i also told him it will take time to walk barefoot in the winter time your bare feet will get use to the cold but you have to do it a little at a time so today he went with me to Wal-Mart barefoot and told him to act normal and nobody will even notice and he did and he loved it he said the cold ground felt good on his bare feet. It nice to have someone else to walk barefoot with around where i live troy and i are always barefoot in my house or his housr or either my truck or his we went to a lot of places to day barefoot and the bottoms of our bare feet where jet black with a little white from the salt in the parking lot . Will everybody keep barefooting
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