New year

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I hope everybody has a safe and and have a new barefoot year . Today I was talking down Christmas lights and yes I’m doing it in my bare feet and it snowed last night and it feels great to be barefoot in the snow and people drive by and they slow down and ask me if my bare feet are cold I just tell them no my bare feet are use to it and ask you must be crazy I will tell no I’m barefoot 24 / 7 all year around. And will say oh how have I been going barefoot I tell the over 27 years. And they are like wow . But some of the women here in Utah really don’t like a guy that goes barefoot more then they do. But it’s a great lifestyle and I will not change my barefoot lifestyle . Some of my neighbors know who I am and they call me barefoot Rick . But some new neighbors think I’m crazy . But today it was a good conversation with the couple that ask me if I was cold in my bare feet. Will everybody have great barefoot new year and be safe tonight .
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