New Delhi(India)

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so..New Delhi again..big and widespread city..
I liked Connaught Circle..and the shops of Janpath...
in the 70's..lots of touts,beggars on Janpath..
because..every tourist passes there..tourist office,shops etc..
I went back to India to Delhi again..much 1990..
the govt..cleaned away..beggars..touts from these policy?? about Delhi in my link on page 25.. overpopulated..the crowds in Old Delhi..are amazing.
watch this video about Chandni Chowk(Old Delhi)
nerve wrecking in fact..Delhi got it's slums as well..
this city got such historical value..ruled by Moghuls,British empire..
in the 70' was a polluted many car fumes..
watch out in Delhi for scams...very tricky stories..
it's all about folks getting commissions...hotel full story??
and you're booked into another one..I did not get that problem..
because I stayed in a cheap place in Paharganj..
second day...went into the Railways to get info on trains to Jaipur..
I was gonna meet Ruby again tomorrow..I was curious..
will tell you peeps about my trip to Jaipur..
I thought I was gonna stay 3 days in Jaipur...
I ended up..staying..oh well..from august 3th till 26th of september..
in Jaipur my own own bicycle..
I can tell you peeps..I know Jaipur very well..
crazy Tiger
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