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Bangalore-Mysore by train was about bit more then 3hours..
first I wanted to visit Halebid/Belur and Sravanabelgola..
due to some reason..I did not..wanted to reach Kerala sooner..
Sravanabelgola is again a pilgrimage place for Jains..
there's a huge statue of more then 16m heigh..dedicated..
to Bahubali(Gomatheswara)every morning..there's a puja..
it's about 100kms.from Mysore..I think..I got a link somewhere??
Belur/Halebid is known for temples..signs of a very ancient dynasty..
all of these places are around 100 to 120kms.from Mysore..
pity..but..I did not see these can't see everything??
so..Mysore..known for *agarbatti*=incense..but also for the palace
of the palace...aww..the architecture..
I went to see the's luxury at the top..Durbar hall etc..
no shoes cameras inside as's a huge place..
just go and see this's wonderful..unbelieveable..
Mysore got a good flower and vegetable market...colourful..
I stayed in the railway retiring rooms..very cheap..
in can also very often sleep or rest..
into the rest rooms first class..shower,reclining chairs etc..
usually there was a *chowkidar*=guard..
I never bought a 1st class ticket..mostly..
these guards let tourists get into the first class waiting room..
it was like that in the 70's..I bet the rules are changed now??
I was gonna travell into Kerala via bus this time..
i heard that some dream about..
it proved be the truth..very green..
it's the Coorg regio..more about that trip later on..
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