my second overland trip to India(1975)

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India overland trip 1975


posting nr.1==starting my second overland India trip

I finished my first blog about India in 30 postings...i do hope you all enjoy reading about my adventures..
i must have got an India travel microbe in myself because i went to India again in 1975..
and again on foot overland using my thumb(==hitchhiking,bus,boat)anything exept a plane(ahah)
here we 1975....i got a letter from India..
Ruby invited me to visit her in Jaipur(Rajasthan)
she was teaching there as a lecturer on the Univ..
I wrote back..I would come over by august..
but I left in june..returned I guess in february 1976..
I did another itinerary towards Switserland-Italy+Greece..
the traject Istanbul(Turkey)New Delhi..was the same..
in India..I did very extensive travelling through Rajasthan..
also made a trip to South India=Tamil Nadu+Kerala=lovely..
so..between february-june..I was trying to earn some money..
and I had some money on saving(bank)which I could touch..
I will tell you all about this last a bachelor..
7 months away..after married..but..
we still Tsjechia...Poland..Malta...Hungary..
the U.S.A..Iceland..Norway..India..Senegal..Gambia..
I always liked to talk to travellers..they know..
inside a lesson for life..
it's different then sitting behind your computer..
words are words..they are either good..or bad..
it's easy to judge..but on the road..
people don't judge a book by its cover alone..
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