My First True Love

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People might be offended that my first true love is my aunt, but I can not control my heart. I do not regret, nor am I embarrassed by this. I know it will not be well receive but this is the only I can speak about it.

My mom was one of 2 children, who grew up without a dad. She got pregnant in high school and was force to leave home, because my grandmother was a religious women, and would not allow that in her house. My mother raised me alone, because my dad left before I was born. She is a great mom, finishing high school top of her class, putting herself thru premed, and then med school, while raising me. I had a great childhood even without my dad. When I was 7, I was diagnosed with precocious puberty, meaning I started puberty earlier then normal. In stead of giving me medication my mother thought it would be better to let it run it's course. At around the same time, my grandmother died and my aunt, who was 16 yrs old, came to live with us.

I hated her for taking my mothers attention from me. My mom was so excited to be reunited with her sister. I never showed any sign of hatred for my aunt because I did not want to hurt my moms feeling. At the time, we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. Needless to say I had to share my room. My aunt was a blessing to my mom. She took a great burden off her by helping take care of me. I aunt was what you would call, "a goody tooshoo." She was very smart, like my mother but also very attractive. She was petit, but had a well matured body. My body was going thru changes. I found myself going from toys and bikes, to constant erections. When the doctor told me I would go thru changes, I didn't know what he meant. I remember, like it was yesterday, my 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Mathis, pulled me aside before lunch. She first yelled at me, thinking I stuffed my pants to be funny, and then she realized it was me. She took me aside and called my aunt, my emergency contact, to come get me. My aunt left school and took me home. I felt so embraced, I could not even look her in the eye. When my mom came home, I thought I would be in trouble. My aunt did not mention it, and went on the rest of the school year like it never happen.

That summer I found myself looking at dirty pictures, then videos. I learned how to enjoy my erections and did it quit often. I started fantasying about my aunt, stealing looks at her when she wasn't looking. I loved when she took showers, because we lived in an old apartment and the door seals had gaps. My aunt would take multiple showers, which kept me indoors most of the summer. At the time I never thought girls always took showers. I would act like I was busy when she would say, "stay out of trouble I got to take a shower." I would run to the door, watching her slid her skirt off her hips and slowly down her soft smooth legs. She would stand there looking into the mirror while taking off her bra. Even until this day, they are the best breast I have ever seen. She then would bend at her waste sliding her panties off. She had a small patch of lite brown pubic her. She was everything a horny boy could only see in porn. Then she would step into the shower and close the curtain. She would then stay there for about a 1/2hr.

When I was 8yrs old, I was extremely horny. I would get bolder with pleasing myself. I would act like I had a nightmare, so my aunt would let me sleep in her bed. My aunt slept in her panties and bra. She was a sound sleeper, I learned later she wasn't. I would wait until I knew she was a sleep, and slowly caress her breast. I would sometimes get brave and place my face between her legs and like her panties. One day I moved her towel out of the bathroom, so she would have to go back to get it. When that happen I hidden beneath the sink. This was a big sink with a curtain on the bottom half instead of a cabinet. When standing next to the sink, her panties was at my eye level. I waited until she took her panties off. While she was checking herself out in the mirror, I leaned out to try to sleep her. She quick leaned into the sink. I felt her pubic hair in my face as I moved back quickly. I could have swore I touched her with my nose, but she didn't notice. She jumped into the shower, pulling the curtains shut. She didn't pull it completely shut. I could see her breast and her ass when she turned. As she was soaping up and had her back turned, I reached out and grabbed her panties. I placed them to my nose and took a deep breath thru my nose. They smelled sweet like my aunt. At the same time I heard my aunt yell. I thought I was caught, so I froze and shut my eyes. As if she wouldn't see me if I couldn't see her. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed she wasn't yelling, but moaning. I have her that in the videos I seen. I didn't realize it at first but I was pleasing myself. I relieved myself into her panties. My aunt was still moaning, and was starting to scream in a low voice. I had to get out, but I didn't know what to do with her panties that had my cum on it. I just left with them and hid them under my pillow. When my aunt came out she was very nice and playful. One night, when my mom was on call, I acted as if I had a bad dream. I went to my aunt and got in to bed. I waited a little bit and started to graze her breast, to make sure she was a sleep. All I could think about was my aunt in the shower. I kissed her breast and she was still. I then softly suck the top of her breast and still no movement. I wanted to smell her panties. As i was sliding down her body she started to move. She rolled to her back and laid there with her legs about 6 inches apart. I placed my head just above her panties, and lick them. I felt her soft pubic hair and realized she was naked from the waist down. I never felt an erection like the one I had at that moment, and I laid paralyzed. It felt like I was watching myself from across the room. I snapped back when I noticed my tongue was messaging her lips and thrusting in her. All I could hear was the sound of her pubic hair rubbing my face and her soft thighs rustling against my ear. I suddenly got scared when I felt her legs squeeze my head and her hand grabbed my hair. Then I felt a squirt in my mouth, as she slowly relaxed herself. I slowly got up think I was in deep s#$t, only to notice she was sleeping. I went back to my bed think, what did I just do. The next night I could sleep. I waited uint she went to sleep and then slid into bed with her. I did the same thing as the night before, with the same results. So I spent that summer getting great at oral sex, every time my mom was on call. One night I had actually fell a sleep before my aunt. I was having a dream as if someone was holding me down, and I could fell my penis getting hard. I jump up and startled my aunt. She was on top of me naked, without a word, I just suckled her breast. I her lips were so tight around my penis that afterwards I noticed the skin burn. That's how it went for years, pretending nothing is going on, not even talking to each other about. Just meeting like 2 strangers for a one night stand.

This continued until my aunt got married, 8 yrs latter. I remember being so jealous of her husband, getting to suck on her tits, fell the warm cum shooitng in to his mouth, felling that tight pussy gripping his dick. My mom thought it was that I was just sad to see her go.

This year my aunt came to stay with us for the holidays. I was weird, to her, it was like it never happen. Then Christmas eve came, everyone was drinking except me and my aunt. Bye 1 am everyone was passed out, except for me, I thought. I was just picking up in the living room when I was a shadow in the darkness. I first was startled, and then my aunt said, "Sorry I scared you." As she came closer I saw the light of the fireplace dancing on her naked body. Even after having kids, she was still beautiful. With out a word we went to my room. This time it was different, I f*&(@d her instead of making love. Her pussy was just as tight as I remember it, and tasted even sweeter. She was dirtier then I remember. She would turn me on saying, "don't you wish your girl friend could watch you fuck me." Or, "I wish my husband can fuck me like this." She yelled really loud and I thought everyone would wake up, but no one did. I don't know why, but when I tried to pull out she pulled me in and said, "cum in me!" I did for the first time. We had did it a couple more times before she left. When we were saying goodbye to them, she gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, "I left a gift for you under your pillow." When everything calm down I went to see what she left, it was her panties.

Now I am in college, 1,000's of miles away. She travels a lot for her job and we meet up when she's close. She records us having sex, she saids so it can get her thru the rough times. I am engage to my girlfriend and plan to get married when we graduate. I know what we are doing is wrong, but she is such a bad aunt and is the most sexually attracted lady I have ever seen.
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