more facts about Iceland...

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Although we only stayed 3 days in's funny..
to notice..that my wife...after all these years..
treasures Iceland as her MOST favorite country in the world..
I don't know why..for's Norway...and it will always be..
Norway touched my inside...nature..people..mentality..
Iceland's rough unspoilt remarkable..the volcano's..
the wildness..I's something..the Icelandic folks..
their maybe a mix of old Viking Norse+Celts..
and that's some mixture..the education something..
to be considered..literacy rate is 100%..I think about 300.000 folks..
that's what it is..the whole population...they fight with nature..
the Hekla volcano still erups from time to time..
near Myvatn's full of volcano activity..well..well..
i would say to you all..if you love wild unspoilt nature..
please visit's worthwhile the trip..
I'm gonna give you all some more links...
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