Modern Life?

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The more I see I this "must have life" the more I despair for the human race. There are certain trends that just exploit people's need to be seen to be following the pack. This is just a couple of examples that I don't really understand nor wish to.

I know they have been around for a while but what really really fucking pisses me off is my almost inability to purchase a regular cup of coffee.
I do not want to go into a "coffee shop".
I do not want to be faced with a menu board covering a whole wall!
I do not want to spend a days wages on a cup of coffee! (ok slight exaggeration)
And what the fuck is a skinny latte with a shot of tonka (or whatever) anyway!!!!!

What about sushi!
What about fucking sushi.
It's raw fish for fuck sake. Even I can wrap a piece of fish round some sticky (overcooked)rice so why the need to go to a sushi bar!
A fucking sushi bar!!!!!
Lets all sit at a counter and wait for our prefered dish to appear! Or even better lets all sit at a counter and get a chef to cut the fish while we watch.
Lets all pay a weeks wages to eat a couple of pieces of raw fish with a few embellishments.
They don't even have the expense of cooking the fuckers!

I know that no matter how much money I have, I have had, or will have, I will never ever, ever buy into the bullshit that passes for modern life for some sad misinformed people!
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