Michael Sjtype and the Hoodlums

Published by Friar Turk in the blog Friar Turk's Ramblings and Poetry. Views: 240

July 3rd///Some Hoodlums were fucking with Michael Stype, who had just had a triste of some sort with some fella with street investment capital. There was a show on schedule which I was try;ing to get a ticket for. Some Dudes came with weapons, just like the polie state and the hippie protestor. I was the protestor. They were the police state. I grapped the tips of those weapons to protect Stype---who had a cigarette butte on the back of his shirt, like a couch or a potato.

A huge tree broke, (which was shaped with regal symbols and trimmin'), at the top of that tree;;;::: It slammed down and crushed an old-tyme vehicle. The very kind whch was sittin' in an abandoned lot when passing over from Northern Emerald County Fountain States Florida to Central White Emerald County States.
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