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so..Chalons sur Saone..there I was..broke..
few pennies in my tell you all honestly..
it's a very scary was winter...
still more the go to Paris..
I was paranoid..about not making it in 1 day..
got a ride to of Burgundy...
wine..mustard even..but..I could not concentrate...
got another ride towards Auxerre..
damn..I froze my ass was so bloody cold..
got finally to Paris..thank God...and went to Rue Oberkampf..
Cathy and Christian..helped me out..they were glad to see me..
and..I..was glad to see them..if you catch my drift??
I stayed 4 days in warmth..
true time of need..
it was 1975..february..Woodstock mentality??
who will tell??do people still exist like that??
Cathy borrowed me 200FF=French francs..
to take a train to Brussels(Belgium)
my adventure was was...a real adventure..
i can only talk about it a screen.'s brings back memories...which you peeps..
have not the slighest idea off??
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