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Next July..we booked a plane ticket Brussels-La Valetta with Air Malta..
we also managed to book a 7 day stay in Sliema's youth hostel.. fine day..we packed our bags..and off to Malta..
few hours flight to Luqa airport..changed some dollars into Maltese Lira..
Malta was very fact the 7 days we went there..
it was a heatwave with temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius..
this meant sweating,puffing,drinking lots of liquid..
my wife never could stand the heat..
her origins are from the Himalayan side of
first impression of Malta was a arid,dry environment..
Valetta..was nice..but after arrival was a transit point..
to take a bus to buses..
oh my..these drivers drive reckless..
that goes for all car drivers in Malta..just watch out if you drive there..
maybe it's their Mediterranean temperament??
Valetta harbour looked very Mediterranian..little yachts and boats..
the bus ride to Sliema went fine..but..we had to walk few kms..
in heavy sunshine and reach the Youth hostel..
the warden was a nice lady..she gave us a key..
so we could enter as we wanted..any time of the day..
I'll tell more about this 7 days Malta..we went to see lots of places..
it's a beautiful country..I think 7 days give you a picture already..
lots of tourists in July and August..there's a lot to see in Malta..
we went to Gozo island by bus..but not to Comino etc..

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