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Luzern was quite a nice city on the 4 Waldst?ttersee(lake)
it's famous for a wooden bridge called Kapellbr?cke and a watertower..
this bridge dates back to medieval times...on the roof are paintings..
very colourfull..I bet more over 100 paintings could be was nice..
sad thing to tell is that in 1993 this bridge was destroyed by a fire..
most of the very artistic works on the roof were lost forever.. my eyes..will never bring back the real original stuff
there was a watertower as well..both monuments are very ancient...
the town itself..well..expensive Swiss shops..not for my pocket..
we also went to visit Bourbaki's a very large painting...
by a fellow called Castr?s..about a war episode in 1870-1871...
we went back to the youth hostel..located near Rotsee(lake)
took evening food in the hostel..good food anyway..
next day..we planned a bit of walking around on the lake shore..
and visit a foklore museum called Tr?chten museum.
it was about local folkloristic clothes..dolls,hats,shoes etc...
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