Love Grows

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Love deeply and TRUST in each to come to their own - feed their fire to BE.

There are many paradoxes and misunderstandings - and each must come to their own
So with passion & desire.
Both are absolutely necessary - yet attachment is inseparable from the 2.
Yes the passion and desire must be so strong as to overcome All - all fears- strong enough to go on when the ego fights at every turn.
Yet the ego is not an enemy - it has a job - a very important job - indispensable for life - that of separation. Without the separation there is no yin and yang - no positive, negative - and no Change. To be here we must have ego - separation from the all
- enough to experience individually.

So one must not be attached to the results, but be able to have the passion and desire to continue regardless of what confronts.
One must always give reverend thanks for the opportunities that constantly come to us to learn and Grow - to move Beyond what we are Now to Become More.
Yet we live in the Now - and the Intent is what builds and feeds the desire and passion into an all consuming flame that eats the dross out and leaves the pure gold.
Often one talks in ways that must have an intuitive jump to understand - and those who would understand must lay aside the constant mind chatter and be still enough to be able to pay attention without engaging the expectations which veil What Is with what we think is supposed to be. We must be virgin - ready to experience anew - without preconceptions of what Is.
And those who seem to be coming to this new - no - you have come this way before - we all have - this is what it's about here - to have enough separation and passion and desire to experience and Grow from what confronts us - not as a high master might tell you - but all eventually come to be their own authority on what they experience - without that is a rejection and denial of what Is - for we are all alone even as we are all one.
2 sides of the same coin called Existence.
The I Am had to have separation to Be and creates anew with each thought individual realities in order to experience and move Beyond what Is. Change is not just a constant but a necessaity if Existence is to continue to expand.
Should the experiencing and learning and growing stop, it all folds in on itself till even the 1 point of I Am is extinguished and .........

To thine own Self be true, and grow the passion, grow the thanks, grow the desire, and grow the individuality - let all experience; and stand not in the way of any's lessons; take not the opportunities for them to grow strength away from them.
Love deeply and Trust in each to come to their own - feed their fire to BE.
In this the All Grows and In the Wholeness each can attain to within; their individual Self come home to it's polished facet in the diamond of existence. And each facet has a beauty unsurpassed and a needed insight into the Whole.

So Blessed Be - Grow On
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