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A doubledecker ride for tourists through the London streets..
quite an experienceopen roof bus..we felt like kings??
sunny day..lots of activity to watch..bobbies..London cabs..
I don't remember which areas of London we did..but it was a big tour..
finally Harrods on Brompton was interesting..crowded..
and expensive..bought a raincoat for my wife..a hole in my wallet???
my aunt was a big spender..she bought lots of only goes once
to Harrods???well..they will certainly not see me there again..
it was our final night in London town..bit of pub and a few pints of lager..
we finally tasted a bit of the U.K..the driving on the left..different time.. day..a good breakfast...and back the same way we came..
without a stop in Canterbury..pity..because...
I loved that place much better then bustling London..we reached Brussels safely..
my next trip was 8 days Copenhagen(Denmark)by train..
I'll report about my adventures in Denmark soon..funny language..
I could speak it with a hot potatoe in my mouth...jeg er Daensk??
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