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So..up to Silezia territory..Katowice+Bielsko Biala.
Katowice is coalmine and industrial country..
very industrial place..I didn't like it at all..
Krakow was reached..we put up in a nice hotel for 2 nights...
now..let me tell you all about this town..the market square..
is a wonderfull place to stroll's very alive...
lots of is known for embroidery on clothes.
we bought a nice skirt for my and roses embroidered..
Krakow is a student's town..full of pubs,cosy caf?'s,restaurants..
the old town is great to make a walk..Kazimierz is a popular area..
with Jewish backgrounds..Krakow is full of musea..historical buildings..
we did have a glance at the Wawel castle..we didn't visit..
it looked very day my wife wanted to visit..
Auschwitz..concentration camp..but since it was my wife's birthday..
Marian suggested NOT to do depressiv..
instead we visitied a saltmine called Wielickzka..
it was an experience..never to forget..I'll report in another posting..
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