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Helsinki..towards Kotka..got a ride with a Finn...
he told me..Kotka is close to Russian border..
in fact..Russia in these days..was still very closed off..
this dude..drove me to a campsite...around Kotka..
where they were celebrating midnight summer..
it was around 20th june..Scandinavia goes nuts then..
everybody gets in a happy mood..people get stoned on booze..
so..Finnish sauna on this campsite..never experienced it before..
in the corner is a stove like thing..filled with stones..
they pour hot water on it..gives the steam..woooh...
it went to my lungs..couldn't breathe..one starts sweating..
outside...a lake..to dive in..naked..big fun..now..these folks..
had put 2 crats of beer..inbetween the lake and the sauna..
it's not a good idea to get stoned in a Finnish sauna..
every year..at least 12 Finns drown into a Finnish lake..
at midsummer..they just loose their senses that day..
so..on this campsite..p?lser(saucages)fish roast..
great moods..I recall that day..lots of jokes...laughter..
I think every Finn has got a sauna at home..
great way to relax..I don't recall whether I slept that day..
or not..I was maybe stoned as well..I don't remember..
but I can advise you all..go to Sweden..Finland to celebrate..
midsummer..I know what it means..wooohhhaahh..
crazy Tiger
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