Knee surgery

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Today i had knee surgery today and i went to the hospital barefoot. And i had some people just look like i shouldn't be barefoot at a hospital. I went in and check in and the lady said wow no shoes i said not it's beeb raining and i have seen people slip out of there flip/flops and she said yes it's safer to be barefoot. And everybody said it ok to be barefoot in the hospital we do not have a rule you must wear shoes. And after my surgery i was wheeled out and the person that wheel me out said wow you have nice toes for a guyi said i never wear shoes or socks. I'm a full time barefooter even in the winter i go barefoot in the snow he said wow i love beening barefoot and that he is going to try doing some winter barefooting. It feels great you just have to take you time and you will get use to the cold. Everybody keep barefooting.
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