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We went back to Guwahati from Shillong...
that damn winding road again..not one stretch is straight..
damn..wanna pick up my motorbike and drive it...ahah..
we stayed 1 night in Guwahati again..booked a bus trip..
to Kaziranga..and 2 nights in the tourist lodge there..
so..next day..bus..ahah..better then in the rest of India..
usually a driver..with the windows open..and ghettoblaster music..
there's a boy who serves at stops+deals with the luggage,passengers..
not an easy job to drive a bus in Assam..the roads were terrible..
it rains a lot in upper Assam..potholes in the road..bumpy ride..
the nature we saw out of our window..was amazing..
it was my second visit here..but still..I watched with awe..
the flora/fauna of Assam is very varied..so we drove to Kaziranga..
we were welcomed by the warden of the hotel..nice clean place..
we booked 2 nights..the watching of the rhino's is done on elephant
rides..they can come very near to these large rhino's..the mahut on
top of the elephant.talks to his elephant..taps with a stick..
I guess it's for directions..my brother+wife were hilarious..
honeymoon,you know..we spotted one rhino..
they usually hide or wander around a bit..
I would not have one of these fuckers charging me..
one has to stay quiet to watch them..amazing animals..
but I found them ugly..they looked like harnassed..
there are birds,deer,and many other animals to watch..
the parc is run very well..I loved the tourist lodge..
it's so damn peaceful..one thing bad..some folks..let's say bastards..
poach and slaughter rhino's..it's much more on the increase..
then in 1979..the rhino horn..is cut out..and sold to high price.
usually China etc...the horn..got powers..have to look for links..
have a peep at this link what Kaziranga is concerned..
the day after we went to my in laws..stayed 3 days..
and went back to Guwahati by car..then flew to Calcutta..
I'll tell you about that flight in a friendship Fokker..
something scary happened...we really got the fright of our life..
what a honeymoon for my kid brother..air turbulence....
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