Katiola-Bobo(Upper Volta)

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so..Bouak?..taxi brousse to Katiola..just a provincial town..
typical African..reached Bobo again..went back to stay..
at the French missionary..it was free..and safe as well..
these missionaries in Africa..I really admire their guts..
it was not so easy to win souls for God...
Africans stay always bit animistic deep inside their souls....
and I don't blame them for that fact..they are Africans...
no Western will ever understand their true nature..
same in India..but..oh..that was my next trip...wooh...
so Bobo again..a very African town..I would recommend this place..
if you ever get from behind your computers??and go to Africa??
so..after Bobo..it was gonna be direction Ouaga..
capital of Upper Volta..I was on my way back home..oh yes..
the Sahara desert...well..I was slighty scared of it..
but..it turned out..a big and positive experience..
will tell you busy peeps later on...brrr...
adventure,did you say???
crazy Tiger
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