Journal entry 4: my protest of humankind

Published by The Instinct in the blog the white binder cont. from old journal days. Views: 124

I've been attacked again for my point of views/intelligence and again I see the limited amount of responsibility and intelligence in some people with their actions. Calling names, anger, telling one's to commit I seriously question that type of intelligence in some. Where does this type of attitude really get people? My protest of humankind was stating numbers, yes, duh, because it's in the numbers to make a change. The fact is, is that we are all responsible for the way things are. Anger breeds anger, hate breeds hate, war breeds war, violence breeds violence. The problem is that no where near enough can agree on anything really beneficial or because of greed and to conquer. It's sad, so maybe instead of attacking me to grow up or wake up and smell the roses, the people who say that should take their own advice. This is why I no longer protest, the stupidity of mankind just sickens me too much. Maybe the quick trigger would be better.
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