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aww..bus trips in India..lots of different types as well..
a deluxe bus..got video..reclining seats etc..
I took them as well..the noisy video's kept my night sleep away..
on this traject..I took an ordinary bus..wawww..it's something..
the bus was not full..when we left..the driver was a nice dude...
in a red turban..he liked his noisy Indian music..the passengers..
were mostly ordinary villagers..I was the only foreigner..
can feel bit weird..lots of staring..yes...that's India as well..
I got myself a window seat..windows open for cooling..
dust blows in as well..next to me a tribal dude..
could not speak a word of bloody English..shit..languages??
the bus stopped all over..i don't know why...trains are quicker..
oh yes..it's little over 300kms..from Bikaner to Jaisalmer..
what a trip..in the aisle..these dudes drop their luggage(saman)
toilet stops..oh well..yes..you just went out at a stop..
and do your thing...the driver was waiting..
Phalodi..first big stop..in the Thar desert..Pokaran the next.
then finally..this lovely city called Jaisalmer..waww..
I would recommend a visit to this place..it got some charm..
touts abound..tourist industry spoiled a lot of values..
hotel,sir??change money,sir??hasjish,sir??well..well..
Jaisalmer is a city with walls around its qila(fort)
the colours of the buildings,houses etc..and these *havelis*
a haveli is a house built in sandstone..usually with a balcony..
the architecture of these houses..it's unbelieveable..go and see..
I decided to stay 2 nights in a cheap hotel...bit dirty..anyway..
I visited this impressiv qila(fort)it's a city in there on itself..
narrow lanes..colourful little homes..shops..hotels even..
it's a very ancient place..I believe it was built around 1160??
I got quite tired walking around..in that massive fort..
the bus trip..was still in my system as well..
that's India..peeps...it sucks some days..
took some cheap food around the hotel...and slept like a rose..
will try to get a link on Jaisalmer...
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