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I cycled down to the railwaystation from Jaipur..
I was asking information about train directions
Ajmer and Udaipur..soo..I was gonna travell again..
the time I spent in Jaipur is forever grifted in my memories..
oh..let me tell you this..Ruby took me one evening..
for a dinner at some friends place..very posh/rich folks..
so..to tell you all..I felt not at ease there..
they had lots of servants..they served the food in uniform..
annoying for me was the fact..they don't leave the dining room..
they wait..until the master or lady of the house tells..
to fetch this/that..the food was well prepared in style..
some etiquette about visiting an Indian Hindu or Muslim home..
it's best you leave your shoes outside..in a Muslim place..
never take anything with your left hand..it's for wiping your ass..
in some Indian weddings..or other places..Indians don't use spoons.;
or forks..they eat with their hands..before food is served..
they will present a bowl of water..in which you wash your hands...
i felt awkward sometimes eating with my hands..boohh..
usually a guest will never be allowed inside the kitchen..
after food..washing hands again mostly..the food served goes from
dhal(lentil stew)to meat preparations..curry's,soups,sweet dishes..
Indian food can be spicy..if your stomach cannot digest it..forget it!!
in richer families..the best silver cutlery and setting will be on the table..
Indians like to talk..afterwards.sometimes drinks are served..
even alcohol..a good Kingfisher beer..Indian rhum/wiskey...
anything goes..depends of the religious background of the people..
Muslim familys will never serve alcohol..I've eaten in many families..
Indians are funny when they are drunk..bit of a taboo in these days??
point is..to be polite...and to adapt yourself..I loved Indian sweets..
firni,shrikand,lassi,gulab jamoon,ladoo etc..mhh..Indian sweets..
a good biryani or pullao rice dish..or a thali in a railway station..
thali=a plate with small cuplike things..filled with rice..bread..
vegetables(sabzi)raita=vegetarian curd with herbs,chutney(sauce)
or pickles(achar)..and a papadam(some crunchy chips like stuff)
thali's are very cheap..I always took them..
never got the shits from them..beware of roadstall food sometimes..
to come back at that dinner at Ruby's friends..food was excellent..
i felt bit awkward in the beginning..but after food..some drinks were
served...and tongues came loose..the master of the house was a
high ranked Indian army general..his wife was a teacher at University..
she also ran a factory where Indian printed clothes were manufactured
and exported towards Europe/U.S.A..they were very rich people..oh yes..
around Jaipur there's a village called Sanganer...their printing on textile
is called *sanganeri print*it fabulous..very vivid colours..
I got myself a kurta in the bazaar..kind of white shirt like stuff..
light..easy washable..and I felt bit like an Indian in it as well..bwaaaha..
will tell you about my train trips in Rajasthan..i went all the way up
to Bikaner-Jaisalmer..then into Gujarat-Maharasthra'Bombay)then Goa
Karnataka+Mysore states..Tamil Nadu...back up towards Jaipur again..
a whole trip..will tell you crazy peeps what happened on this trip.
mostly by train or bus..lots of heat..dust..beggars..misery..anything..
crazy Tiger..
You like this.
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