Istanbul city(Turkey)

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Istanbul...aww..I can tell you all stories about that place..
it was a mix of East and still is today,I'm sure of that..
first impression...the Bosphorus..mighty river..the bridge..
the fishermen selling their fresh roasted and tasty fish..hmmm...tasty..
under Galata bridge..the waterpipes(hookahs)in the little caf?s..
anything about this place...reminds me..of a mixture.
East/West..well..well...I think I told you all..about Lale pudding shop..
that was the spot..where hippies met..changed ideas..
we read the prickbord..drank a Tuborg beer..or smoked shit..
but all of us..were either going or returning the hippie trail..
long road to India or back..I did it..4 times..because..
there was only 1 trail..1 road..towards India..the hippie trail...
I met people..discussed life...philosofy..shit..hassles..anything...
different..from what one reads today on this forum maybe... concerned life issues..travelling...anything..
I met great people..which I never saw back again..pity.. come to the point...Istanbul..visit at least Sultanahmet..
huge a ferry ride on the Haydarpasa..
or to Burgazada island..they still had horse(at)taxis there..funny..
they served these ?ay(tea)for 25
visit Topkapi if you all can..I did not..a hole in my culture..brrrr..
I recall my Istanbul a nostalgic's where..I smelled.
Asia...the East..I really can't explain it 100% to you peeps here..
just go all will understand..what I mean..
Istanbul has got a modern part as well..Taksim etc..didn't like it...
it was often a copy of the West in these days...if you catch..
what I mean..oh..before i forget..go to a good Turkish restaurant
on Eminonu..get yourself some good Turkish food..lovely..
and also..visit Kapali Carsi=covered Grand Turkish bazar..'s O.K..if you only visit YOUR souvenirs,please..
choice enough..learn to the shop keepers..ahaha..
this was my first day in Istanbul..I did the Bosphorus..the bazaar..
will tell you more next time...about the other 2 days..
crazy Tiger..

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