Istanbul city(part 2)=Turkey..

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so..Istanbul..cosmopolitan place..but still...around Sirkeci..
I saw one of these Turkish carriers...omg..even in India...
they did not carry that weight??they call them *hamal*
I don't see..why a human must carry a a mule??
anyway...that's Turkey as well..Istanbul got culture and history..
many beautiful mosques,buildings..worthwhile a glance..
and the Bosphorus..that mighty never far away..
in see poverty and richdom alongside...
ask about a *ge?ekondu* in Istanbul or Ankara..
these are like shantytown dwellings..
big cities attract folks,you know.. a bustling city..3 days was not discover it..
I had to come back here on my return..been in Istanbul..
4 times...and each was different..each fascinates..
I took a ferry over the Golden Horn towards the railway station.
situated on the Asia side=Haydarpasa..trains to Erzurum etc..
but..I made up my mind..i was gonna take a direct bus trip..
from Istanbul to Tehran(Iran)would take 3 days..sleeping in the bus..
they drive with few bus service...
about the these days..rather cheap..hitch hiking in Turkey??
forget about it,folks..just forget about day 2 in Istanbul..
I hung around the river..went under Galata bridge..
took some fresh grilled fish..tasty..and cheap..
Sirkeci Railway station lies on the European side of Istanbul..
beware for pickpockets..just watch out..
Istanbul got a tramline as well these days..I took one..big fun..
I'm wondering whether they still exist nowadays??
on my way from Sirkeci towards Eminonu..
where I stayed in a cheap hotel..I was approached by touts..
who wanna show you this or changers as well..
black out here..often they just ripp you off..
keep your wallet safe in your pocket in Istanbul..
Istanbul is full of musea as was to hot to dwell hours
inside a the evening...I met some fellow travellers..
in Lale pudding shop..took some food Efes Pilsen(beer)
or just chat with all these funny dudes and chicks..
some of them came back from India..others were going..
I could have got a shared ride to India..with some Americans..
going to Delhi(India)but..they wanted sharing in benzine,food etc..
I guess on my would be was my second
overland trip..this time...again via Zahedan-Quetta railway..
I met a Brazilian couple in our hotel..we smoked shit in their room...
i recall he played guitar...and sung..take me to the station..
waiting for a from The Rolling Stones..
will tell you about day 3..don't even recall what I did??
I believe..I stocked up some food for the bus trip..long haul...
will tell you crazy peeps later on...yip..Istanbul,you know??
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