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I don't remember where we stayed in Mashad..
it's a pilgrimage place..we moved on to Tehran..
Gunilla+her friend decided to stay on a while..
promessed Gunilla to visit her on my next trip..nice chick..
I moved on towards Tabriz money situation was not very great crossed into Turkey again via Bazargan..took a straight bus to Agri.. was middle december...I recall half a meter of snow in Agri
in the hotel where I stayed..they heated with stoves burning on wood..
nice and day..bus to Erzurum..change bus and direct bus
to Istanbul..I was in a hurry..stayed in Istanbul for 2 hotel..
bus to Ippsala..border between Turkey-Greece..Greece..was nice..
Alexondroupolis..Komotini..Xanthi..Kaval la..Thessaloniki..
will tell more later..something tragic happened near Kavalla.. for Mashad(Iran)
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