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Took the train towards train travelling in India..
real big network..divided in parts like Eastern railways..etc..
in beginning 70' and reservation was sometimes a real hassle..
you could book a berth in 2 tier..3 tier..A/C class..2nd class..1st class..
i always went for 2nd class...and these passenger category trains...
wooh..real adventure sometimes...Agra from Delhi is only a few hours..
I recall reaching Agra Cantonment Railway Station early morning..
directly a load of riksha wallah's offering a ride to Taj Mahal etc..
a real hassle sometimes these ricksha folks..
even if you don't want a ride with them..they keep on bothering you..
they get commision from certain hotels and shops..
if they can get you there..I decided to walk to the Taj Mahal..
in railway Stations in India they really serve good breakfast..
mostly toast/eggs/tea..very cheap..
I first dropped in at the tourist office on the Mall..
booked a room in a cheap hotel..for 2 nights...
Agra is a city from more then 1 million people's crowded..
So..this Taj Mahal..deserves some attention..
it certainly strikes everybody if you see it for the first time..
it's such a beautiful building really..coming into via the archway..
you see this marble mausoleum..really wonderful architecture..
I'll tell more later on...and try to find some links on Agra..Taj Mahal...
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