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Day 3 in Jaipur I wanted to walk trough the many bazars of Jaipur..
Johari,Tripolia,Chandpol,Bapu,Nehru Bazar...all of these connected
with little side streets...where real Indian streetlife could be observed..
friendly but curious people..some touts try always to get you into their
gem or souvenir shop..but I rarely did that...of course always a free cup
of tea..the bazars are crowded...but the colours,smells,people are sure
worthwhile..Jaipur is known for gems..but that was not for my purse
Surana is a very famous jeweller..who makes very nice pieces of gold..
i got quite tired of all that walking...and then the heat..
one has to really get used to it..on top of that the crowd..the beggars..
I went to Ram Niwas Gardens in front of central museum..
just lay down in the park..but could not take a nap
then afterwards museum visit...loveley art and local costumes,folklore,
woodwork,brassware,miniature paintings etc....after that took a riksja
to railway station..information about going towards Kanpur-Khajurhao..
i was going to see Khajurhao with its erotic art temples
tell you more later..Jaipur was really worthwhile..but 3 days=enough

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