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So..I rented a bicycle..not so expensiv...well..what an adventure this day really wasI still recall hopping on that bike..rented from somewhere around the Railway Station..i had to drive all the way to Amber Fort..
24kms..up and hot almost never rains in Rajasthan
I got a Hero cycle..good cycles made in India in Punjab..funny feeling to drive
a bicycle through Indian streets...see following link for traffic
I drove through the old city of Jaipur through the Chandpol Gate..
Chandpol Bazar-and up to Johari Bazar..road to Delhi...
once outside the city...loveley...absoluteley..I enjoyed this..
of course these trucks get along..but anyway...
it was bloody hot though..but I made it..
on the way I met 2 elephants coming down the road with their mahuts(trainers)
I reached Amber safeley..Woooahh..what an impressiv fort..
there's a steep road uphill..quite a tourists can do
this stuff on elephant back...since I was not rich..
I decided to walk...these elephants walk up..
and beside them usually a local villager in local dress..
playing a rawanahatta(1 string instrument)baksheesh,you know..
kind way of begging..I must say here these rich tourists spoil a lot..
now...and even in 1972..Indians get the feeling..
that every white a capitalist...Boooh..why???
So..Amber Palace..don't miss this place..
I'll try to find a link..because..well..
I don't remember all these names..
but it's a fabulous place..the bycicle ride back was O.K..
downhill you know..I felt great..and got a red nose+face..sunburnt.. 3..I did some bazar sightseeing+city museum Jaipur..
Hope I don't bore you all...
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